Blitz started in California two years ago. The goal was very clear; be the best or don’t bother. In the first year, we managed to account for 70% of our clients’ new customer acquisition.

Running direct marketing strategies that are so traditional, in the Bay Area would seem to be challenging given the Tech nature of the area. However, what we found was, Direct Marketing complimented the social media and tech approach to marketing.

We figured ways to use events and promotions and face-to-face interaction with people, as a follow up process to guarantee customers.


Advertising is a great way to build a brand, but it doesn’t mean it will ensure high volume of custom. What we achieved did not go unnoticed, and we were given the chance to expand to the East Coast.

Since expanding to the East, we have really set the bar. The biggest challenge since moving has been adapting to the weather. California sunshine seems a long way away now, but we have become influential in the growth of some huge household names in New England, and we expect to continue this surge.

Our goal is to have coverage in every big city in America, going from Seattle, to Miami, or San Diego, to Los Angeles, our plan is to cover it all. And we won't stop there, our plan for the next five years is to go International.


Direct Marketing is a game of numbers, as is any form of marketing or advertising. With some of our Senior Managers coming from a professional sporting background, we have naturally adopted a fun, energetic, but goal-driven environment. Sports and business go hand in hand. There are so many qualities that can be transferred, and we feel that this competitive edge, sets us aside from our competitors.

Every client we work with now is a fortune 500 company, and all they care about is results. In sports, there are winners and losers, its black and white, the numbers don’t lie… and that goes for business as well, right now we are winning, and as result our clients do too. The more we win, the more opportunity we get, and right now we have a lot opportunity.